BE THE CHANGE Caring about social and environmental issues didn’t present itself at our front door. Indeed, caring started from the inside out. A few of the many examples of internal change include: using filtered tap water instead of bottled water; our stationary is printed on recycled, chlorine-free paper using soy-based inks; our copy machine uses solid inks instead of inks that release Volatile Organic Compounds into the air. Creating a healthy workplace sets the standard for how we think about the products we make.

BUILD YEARS INTO EACH PRODUCT Remember the sweater that was passed on down through the string of older siblings before your mother added a ribbon or new buttons, then handed it to you saying how lovely you look in it? In those days, products were built to last and our resources were used to extend their life. The life a product has designed into it has an impact on overall sustainability. We are dedicated to making our products last for future generations. We do this with excellent materials, craftsmanship, custom options and intelligent design.

CULTIVATE RELATIONSHIPS WITH LOCAL SOURCES All of our furniture is made in the USA; the majority is made within 10 miles of our studio using sources we’ve been working with for over 20 years. Creating alliances with local businesses means that we have greater control over the quality and execution of the products we offer. It also ensures that our local artisans and craftsmen are supported and prosper.

SHARE OUR VISION AND OUR COMMITMENT We encourage our suppliers to adapt their practices for social and environmental sustainability. They have shown us that they, too, are concerned about making changes in the materials they use and where they source them. In a unified effort, we continue to look for alternatives that maintain our high standards in the products’ aesthetics and quality. With continued resolve, the shift will happen gradually and definitively. Today, we are happy to work with our clients on an individual basis to meet their personal environmental needs.

FURNITURE MATERIAL AND MANUFACTURING Our furniture collection has been in development for 20 years. Currently our pieces are made with 3 different manufacturers, all of whom work a bit differently. While one is catching up on the ‘Cradle-to-Cradle’ philosophy (they are planning a new factory to be outfitted for state-of-the-art environmentally sound furniture making), we continue to collaborate on our findings concerning future materials and processes.

Another makes all of our slab furniture by hand in an off-grid solar-powered shop on a mountainside in Montana. Each piece is made-to-order based on selected slabs and availability. Every effort is made to source slabs which are recycled or scavenged from naturally fallen trees or trees at risk. In some cases, we can offer non-toxic finishes, but we advise our clients that they come with greater weaknesses than conventional finishes. We encourage any inquiry regarding the sustainability practices employed in the manufacture of our furniture since they vary from piece to piece. In some instances, we can give you the whole history of the tree’s life!

LINENS MATERIAL AND MANUFACTURING Our linens are made of very fine quality cotton in Italy. The finishing process uses only non-chlorine bleach. Our distinctive embroideries are added locally in the New York area. Every set of linens is custom made-to-order and available in several color and fabric options. We are currently offering undyed, unbleached, minimally finished sateen fabric the color of cream; it feels as soft and luxurious as its white or colored counterparts. Because of our commitment to environmental sustainability, our manufacturer is in the process of developing a certified organic fabric that will soon be available in our bed and bath collections.

RUG MATERIAL AND MANUFACTURING We currently offer two lines of rugs: hand-knotted and hand-tufted. Our hand-knotted rugs are made in Nepal. They carry the ‘Rugmark’ third-party certification guaranteeing the social equity of our business with these extraordinary craftsmen. Furthermore, the water from these remote dye-houses is treated and filtered before entering the environment. Although these rugs travel quite a distance (longer than any other product we offer), they are crafted with great care and promise an heirloom handmade character that will last for decades.

Our hand-tufted rugs are made within 30 miles of our New York studio. We only use durable pesticide-free, undyed hemp to back these rugs. The largest environmental impact of these rugs is derived from the dyeing and shipping.

IT WON’T LAST FOREVER We want you to enjoy our products for as long as possible, but we realize nothing lasts forever. For both rug collections, dp studio is proud to offer a rug recycling program. Each new rug purchase includes the cost of disposal of the rug; shipping is not included. Each rug is identified with a serial number that will allow us to arrange for the recycling of your rug once you are done with it. Contact us at the time of disposal and we will send you the address of the nearest recycling facility. The rug will be refurbished and gifted to an organization, disassembled for its valuable materials for other uses or incinerated at a local power facility providing electricity to a nearby town. We hope to extend like services to our other collections in the future.

A better world today and tomorrow is a universal concern and a shared responsibility. Just as we have forged alliances with our suppliers, we also seek to forge alliances with our clients. Your concerns are our concerns and we look to you for ways to advance our agenda of social and environmental change so we can serve you and the world better.