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  • Martha’s Vineyard

    Our latest addition to the project in Martha’s Vineyard is a DPA custom coplaner door made with shou sugi ban wood. 焼き杉 (or Yakisugi) is an ancient Japanese exterior siding technique that preserves wood by charring it with fire. Traditionally sugi 杉, also called red cedar, was used. The process involves charring the wood, cooling […]

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    Hall Entrance

    Luxe Magazine’s New York GOLD LIST January/February 2022 issue. (Page 188) 

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  • Karl Neuroth “Other Altars”

    Other Altars

    Waverly Small Works Gallery presents gorgeous colorful show. Classic Karl Neuroth. Show runs through January 7, 2022 M – F 10am – 4pm, Saturdays 11am – 2pm and by appointment.

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  • Luxe Magazine 2021 Profile

    Luxe Magazine Cover January 2021

    We are proud to share our feature in Luxe Magazine with you.

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  • Holiday Wishes

    Holiday artwork

    Giving thanks & wishing good health and happiness to you & yours this coming year. Diane Paparo “Critters” artwork by Karl O. Neuroth

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  • Luxe Magazine Profile Excerpt

    Luxe Magazine Logo

    Keep your eye out for the Diane Paparo feature in Luxe Magazine’s January issue. Here’s a sneak peek: Luxe Magazine: What style(s) is your firm most known for? Diane Paparo: What specific elements, look and/or feel characterize your work? Most of my clients brag about the things you can’t see in my projects. Like the […]

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  • Circling Back

    Porch and fireplace addition

    We love catering to clients…both new and not so new! This house in Plymouth, PA is a 15 year old DPA design. They were so happy with the result they came to us with a request. We recently completed this outdoor porch with fireplace addition to our original design.

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  • Welcoming to the DPA team…

    Brooke Jennings

    Brooke Jennings, a graduate of Marywood University’s Interior Architecture program, showcased her furniture designs at Highpoint Market in 2018. She was also recognized to help redesign Penn Paper in Scranton, PA (aka the Dunder Mifflin building of The Office TV series). She studied art and architecture in Italy with a focus on the renaissance and baroque […]

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  • Making a room feel bright and airy…

    What are some suggestions for making a room feel more open, airy and brighter without undergoing major structural changes? There are several ways to make rooms brighter and more open without taking down walls.  Perforating an existing wall or adding a transparent panel or element will allow light to pass through and open up the […]

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  • Most frequently renovated rooms?

          What are the most frequently renovated rooms today? In general, kitchens and baths are still the focus of most single room renovations, but there are differences between urban apartments and suburban homes. Apartments don’t usually have the luxury of space, so renovations in apartments often require unique design solutions to make the […]

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