Ode to this Super Moon

Have you seen a super moon
Yes it does exist
Although in fleeting presentations
Over the course of decades of orbits

If you’ve seen a super moon
You understand it’s presence
In so many ways
It looks painted on the sky

Like an artist who imagined its presence
On a cold or warm shore
With a king tide legitimizing it’s existence
Even though your brain cannot accept that it’s real

I can testify to its reality
From the window of this airplane
Following it thru the sky
Or who or what is following whom or what?

I follow its light on the streams below
And thru the low clouds
Like a headlamp on your cap
Showing you the path home

Although witness to it from the ground
Has its own meaning
Given your motion is not a factor
It becomes even more surreal

And, when witness is from the shore
It has a distinct connotation
And if it’s from the mountain tops
It is yet another experience

I will dream of this super moon
In my midnight slumber
And yet again
It has another connotation

Dane Paparo